Noghi is an Australian owned service dedicated to providing BPAY for bitcoin holders. We understand the benefits of Bitcoin and our service helps extend the acceptance of it within Australian businesses. Bitcoin is a great technology and we'd like to see its adoption taken further and wider.

Noghi's team is dedicated to bringing the benefits of the technology, coupled with Australia's existing Bpay service, to people around the globe. We have created a service which will allow you to pay your bills or invoices with your bitcoin from anywhere in the world.

Our goal is to extend the opportunity of spending your bitcoin. Whether you are looking to live entirely within the bitcoin community or you are outside of Australia and looking for an easy way to pay your Australian based invoices, Noghi will be for you.

We currently offer Bpay services for paying your bill only. We are working on bringing Domestic and International Electronic Funds transfers to our service. For now though you may need to rely on bitcoin for your international payments and Noghi for BPaying your bills.

For further information on how it works check out our How It Works page or for more info on the great technology Bitcoin is, check out our Info on Bitcoin page.

We take pride in providing a great level of custome service. If you have any further questions or queries please contact us on

~ Eoin Mullins