Noghi is much like the BPay facility of your internet banking. You login, add/select the Biller details and pay the bill. In this case when you are paying your bill, you are using bitcoin instead of Australian dollars. This provides you with two great services; you can now pay your bills from anywhere in the world with bitcoin, and you can also pay your bills without an Australian bank account.

To complete the payment of your bill you will need to follow these 3 easy steps.

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Sign in

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Add the details of your bill.

Pay Bills with Bitcoin


Pay direct from your Bitcoin wallet

When will your bill get paid?

If your bill is paid prior to 5pm on the due date it is registered as paid on time by the Biller. If you have paid on the weekend or after the due date, the Biller will receive the payment 2 days after payment.

Your transaction will be executed 30 minutes after the transaction has been made. This is 3 confirmations of the transaction in the blockchain. You will receive a confirmation email once we have confirmed the transaction has been committed.

Once your invoice has been paid you will receive a second email from Noghi with details of the payment and receipt number. At this point your transaction has been completed successfully.

What about the exchange rate?

As with regular payments made in a different currency, there is a reliance on the exchange rate. At the point of paying your bill, you enter the AUD amount. This ensures you have paid the correct AUD amount. The bitcoin amount and the fee are both calculated at the time of submitting the payment. If the rate changes after you have paid you will be none the wiser, the Biller will receive the AUD amount you entered for that bill.


One of the main benefits and goals of Bitcoin is to provide a transferrable currency with little to no fees for transactions. We haven't forgotten that, our goal is to stretch the Bitcoin acceptance in the community. The fees we charge are kept to a minimum to provide you with the contiued benefit of using your bitcoin with little transaction fees.

Our fees are a percentage of the bill amount in Australian Dollars being paid, the fee is charged as bitcoin and incorporated in your total bill amount when you are ready to pay the bill from your Bitcoin Wallet.

We have outlined the fees in the table below.

Schedule of Fees
Amount of Bill in AUD Fee (% of Amount)
$0 - $100 2%
$101 - $500 1.5%
$501 - $1000 1.2%

Unfortunately due to current AFSL requirements, we have had to lower the maximum single payment value to $1000 or less in order to stay compliant - We do apologise and we are working on removing this restriction as soon as possible.


We express the highest level of security awareness when dealing with your information. The team at Noghi have over 14 years experience working within the finance industry and are aware of the PCI DSS guidelines. All of our communications, databases and file data are encrypted to protect your information from harm.

Noghi does not retain any of your bitcoin or fiat currency. The bitcoin you use to pay your bill is transferred direct from your Bitcon Wallet to the secure exchange platform.

We encrypt all of the communications between your browser, our website, and throught the etire transaction process using the highest level of SSL encryption. To further protect against attacks on our site and to keep your information safe, we complete daily scans of the Noghi site to detect attempts at virus or malware activity.

We take pride in providing a great level of customer service. If you have any further questions or queries please contact us on

Terms and Conditions

If you would like to review the Noghi Terms and Conditions of use then please do so.


Although Noghi leverages the BPay service we are in no way affiliated with Bpay.